Health & fitness staff training

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Bloodborne Pathogens

Bloodborne Pathogen training is an OSHA requirement for all businesses.  It is especially important for the sports and fitness industries due to the nature of the activities in which the presence of blood is an everyday occurrence.


Facility Orientation

One of the most frustrating, and potentially dangerous things that can happen to a member is to not know how to properly use a piece of equipment.  This module addresses what you as a staff member need to teach your clients.

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Personal Trainers

Personal training is an important service for fitness facilities.  Are your trainers properly qualified to do their jobs correctly?  This module will address the requirements needed by any trainer to be successful.

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Swimming Pool Safety

Swimming pools in clubs range from large outdoor pools to small indoor pools used for group classes.  Regardless of the size, there is always the danger of someone drowning.  This module addresses the dangers with pools and how to reduce the chance of injuries in the water.

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Child Sitting Safety

A child's safety is the most important responsibility we have as adults.  This module goes over the safety policies and procedures that every facility should follow in their babysitting program.

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Incident Reporting

After an incident has occurred in your facility, staff must document what happened for legal and insurance purposes as well as to learn how to prevent it from happening again.  This module will teach staff how to do that.


Sexual Harassment

This is a hot topic right now that has been overlooked for too long in any industry.   This module will address what constitutes sexual harassment and what can be done to address it and stop it from happening.

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Treadmill Safety

Treadmills are one of the most heavily used pieces of equipment in fitness facilities.  They are also one of the most dangerous pieces of equipment if not used properly.  This module will address the dangers inherent with treadmills and how to reduce the chances of someone being injured while using one.


Emergency Equipment

Emergency equipment such as AED's and fire extinguishers are some of the most underused pieces of equipment found in any facility.  But when an emergency happens in your facility requiring this equipment, do you know how to properly use it?  This module shows you how.


Medical Emergencies

What do you do if a client has a heart attack or smashes their foot with a dumbbell.  This module addresses the procedures to take during a medical emergency.

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Amenities likes saunas, steam rooms and jacuzzis can be very appealing to clients but also bring a new level of danger to an organization.  This module will address those dangers and how to prevent incidents involving these amenities from happening.